Klose furniture is made of natural materials of the highest quality. They can serve you for years and enjoy functionality, but for that to be the case, you also need to take care of them. Discover our secret techniques that will extend the life of your furniture and make it indestructible.

Furniture essentials

First of all, you must remember that the furniture is intended only for use according to their design and function, so avoid activities that can lead to damage.

You need to take care of the furniture from the first moments after buying it. When unpacking, try to avoid opening transport packaging with sharp tools that can damage the structure. Klose furniture is packed in protective transport strips, so that the risk of their destruction in transport is reduced to a minimum.

In order for the piece of furniture to fit perfectly into the space of your apartment and not be exposed to damage, it should be leveled at the destination and, if necessary, adjusted all doors and drawers. The first time these activities are performed by the service, but the wood works and from time to time the forge or door may hang lower. It is important that you make periodic adjustments in accordance with the attached instructions. Even during use, it is worth remembering not to rest your weight on open doors or extended drawers. We trust that you are sensitive and careful users.

Lighting installations in Klose furniture do not require additional assembly work – everything is ready for use. When it's time to replace the bulbs, remember to use only replacements with exactly the same parameters.

Homemade spa for furniture

You already know how to handle furniture, and now we will present you the correct methods of their care. To begin with, a few words about what to avoid.

As with care for human skin, furniture requires a bit of sensitivity. Prolonged exposure of the surface to liquids (water, coffee, alcohol, etc.) or viscous substances (syrup, drink with a lot of sugar, etc.) can cause irreversible changes in the coating. After spilling the liquid or cleaning the furniture, always remember to dry it. Damage to the varnish can also be caused by high temperatures. Be sure not to place hot objects (such as pots or hot chers) directly on the surface, as this is likely to lead to burns.

For ongoing cleaning, we do not recommend the use of strong and corrosive cleaning products, especially lots containing fine abrasives. If possible, also avoid means of having alcohol or silicone in the composition, although if you have nothing at hand, we recommend hot water and rubbing the surface dry.

How to oil furniture correctly?

You know what's hurting our furniture, so it's high time to know the miraculous procedure for preserving oiled surfaces.

What will we need to get started?
1. A bowl of lukewarm water, to which we add a little soap.
2. A few clean flannel cloths.
3. One viscose cloth.
4. "Repair kit", which is a special oil for the care of furniture made of wood.

What to do about it?
At first, soak the cloth in soapy water and live it strong. Clean the surface before further maintenance with this prepared material. The next step is to wiw the whole with a cloth moistened slightly in clean water. With another cloth, carefully wipe the surface dry.

Time for our repair kit – with the first cloth spread a small amount of oil on the surface (the oil layer should be even), and then with a dry cloth wipe the surface dry with polishing movements. Inaccurate or too thick application will cause the surface to stick and get dirty more easily. A similar negative effect can arise with inaccurate oil abrasion.

Complete drying of the material after applying the oil will occur after about six hours, so during this time, if possible, it is necessary to refrain from using the furniture. The cloths used to clean the furniture are disposable.

If you keep in mind all the activities that you do not need and should do when using Klose furniture, they will give back years of beautiful and unchanging appearance. We, for our part, guarantee the highest quality of workmanship, and we leave you taking care of furniture and their regular care, so that they look and serve as new for many years.