The furniture you fill your own interior can help transform any space. Ba! They can even completely change the style of the room and give it a completely individual character. So far we have tried to inspire you, but can you guess what inspires us? Discover the history of the designs of several Klose furniture.

Shapes inspired by nature

Nature is unpredictable, but in this irregularity there is a method. Thin and thicker lines, intricate and simple, delicate and juicy – all this diversity of nature has served our inspirations. Controlled lushness of nature – here is a description of the works of art created from natural wood, which are intended not only to be useful, but also to fit into the scenery of your home.

One of the most stunning furniture, of which we are very proud and which will not allow you to walk past each other indifferently, is furniture inspired by the sea waves. Their incredible surface feels as if the wood has been washed away for years by the impact of waves somewhere on the sea or ocean shore, like sculptures affected by the chisel of nature itself.

After purchasing such furniture, the interior of your apartment will now resemble mediterranean countries or evoke memories from the Black Sea. This area is associated with the constant warmth of the climate and the hospitality of the peoples living on its coasts, with energy and bustle. Or maybe it can also make your apartment acquire Nordic peace and quiet – the sea is also our native Baltic Sea. Scandinavian minimalism is a style that klose furniture will also fit.

It is the Asymetric collection that has been inspired by water and its non-obvious shapes. The pane itself as well as the edge, which covers it in different ways and shapes. So some of our works owe their existence to tides and low tides, specifically the sea waves. At the moment, the furniture from this collection is not available, but maybe they will have their big comeback.

On the other hand, we offer furniture K2 and K5,whose rhyfed surface is also inspired by a lightly moved water plaiful.

Shapes inspired by wildness

A large part of Klose furniture was created by a fascination with wildness. Fauna also brings great ideas, which result from stunning projects. Wildness and massiveness, but also agility and gravity. For example, one of the tables of our production resembles a young deer standing on neat legs. Or is it an outline of the golden ram itself, whose fleece became the target of the Argonauts' expedition? It can also be similar to the valiant boar chased by Atalanta herself. This is not the end of animal motifs – we also have a zebra furniture collection to offer – through designs reminiscent of wild animals living on the African continent.

Furniture inspired by wildness will transform your apartment or office into a place that hides mythical secrets or a substitute for the savannah.

Animality in addition to strength and energy is also associated with home comfort. Animals also take care of their "places of residence", so our furniture will fit into your space as if it were their natural environment.

Force-inspired shapes

strength! The theme of river and ocean inspiration. Strength as energy, flexibility and dynamism. Strength as reason, moderation and calmness. Furniture filled with vitality and supplementing the vital energy of their owners. In our opinion, strength is primarily about harmony. You can be sure that furniture inspired by force harmoniously will fit into your space, will draw attention to yourself, but not dominate.

For example, our K8 furniture is inspired by diamond, a precious stone, beautiful and shapely, yet the hardest-to-know substance found in nature. Klose furniture inspired by diamonds looks magical, as if one of the legendary alchemists who managed to find the philosopher's stone also managed to curse the stone into wood – or perhaps it was our specialists who turned wood into diamonds? Currently, this collection is not on sale, although inspiration remains. And at any time you can conjure it up again.

Furniture from the K24 and K20 collections is also a force to be found. Their dark color hides a lot of secrets. The presence of these furniture in the house or in the office makes the space filled with energy for action – even in a mystical way!

Every piece of furniture in klose furniture collection is a work not by accident, but by observation and analysis of the world. The desire to improve both appearance and functionality. After all, furniture accompanies us every day. It is certain that you will find something for yourself – we have many motives. An artistic composition person dreaming of subtle décor, or an entrepreneur who feels better in a solidly equipped interior – Klose furniture will meet your requirements!